Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada January 27, 2022
Experience the Fishing
Big Narrows Resort is situated in a remote part of Lake of the Woods that is highly regarded for its abundant walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and of course, muskie. Lake of the Woods, Big Narrows walleyeLake trout are also a seasonal favorite. The variety and quality of the fishing is truly fantastic. Trophy fishing waters await Big Narrows guests just a few minutes from camp, so there's just no need to go any further. Of course, Lake of the Woods is large enough for a distant day's adventure if that's what you choose.

It's also important to consider that our camp sits in the last great untouched region of Lake of the Woods, with plenty of distance between camp and Kenora to the north and the Northwest Angle to the south. The light fishing pressure along with the natural current and deep water areas nearby make our area one of the truly outstanding fishing destinations in North America.
Big Narrows Lake of the Woods dock siteThe Narrows caters to fishermen by providing the finest in equipment and service. Seasoned Lund boats with Yamaha 50hp 4-stroke outboards are fully equipped to get you there and back in style and comfort. And at the end of the day, our staff will process your catch. You can elect to enjoy your catch for lunch the next day or have it packaged to take home. Select tackle, licenses, lively bait and other last minute items are also available at the camp. And our staff is always eager to pass on up to date information about recent fishing patterns and successful tactics. Dock-side battery charging is available to our guests who bring private boats.
We are very proud of our guide staff at Big Narrows. They are here for one reason: To make your stay enjoyable by helping you to catch lots of fish. Our guides are well seasoned. They're on the lake every day seeking out the best fishing spots for our guests and they are highly recommended for those fishermen in search of a real trophy.

Lake of the Woods, Big Narrows muskieOnce our guests have learned the area, with one of our guides or during a previous trip, The Narrows offers them numerous fishing areas nearby, from vast weed beds to boulder strewn shorelines to sunken reefs and island saddles. It may be called 'The Narrows', but there are literally thousands of acres to fish! Throughout the season, there is always going to be a productive pattern, and with the variety of structure and cover nearby, The Big Narrows area is located in the perfect spot to find fish regardless of the time of year.
Lake of the Woods Shore LunchIn addition to putting you on fast fishing, our guides will help you to complete your Canadian fishing experience by preparing a mouth-watering shore lunch in a scenic cove on the water's edge. You can just sit back, relax, and plan the afternoon's strategy until lunch is served. Nothing beats a fresh Canadian walleye lunch!

For our guests who prefer to return to camp at lunch time, we offer a traditional shore lunch each day, weather permitting, right next to the boat house and not too far from the fish house, where the main course is walleye fresh from the lake. All the trimmings are ready for you too!
Put simply, Big Narrows offers the opportunity for an exceptional fishing experience in a spectacular setting.
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